Thursday, January 10, 2013

10 a week!: What's the Point?

10 a week!: What's the Point?: My project to get 10 things a week out of my house did not begin out of generosity.  I was feeling crowded, pressed for time, overwhelmingly...

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  1. Hey Kathy - long time no see/talk. Saw the article in the Observer and just thought I'd stop here and say "bravo!". In the past year both my parents died so I cleaned out their house (46 years of accumulation!) and most of it was given away or went to other siblings but a fair amount came home with me! So I can relate to the need to de-clutter! Your ideas are great. I mostly just wanted to say hey and you look good, and like I said at first, congrats on your goal and doing it! - Beth Robinson